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Welcome to Our Website
Forum P. Ltd. is established in the year 2006 and is registered with the relevant authorities in Nepal. One of the programs of the company is to facilitate 'Buy and Sale' of any kind of business that are registered and operating in Nepal for now. However, the company plans to extend it's service beyond Nepal in the days to come.
Those who want to sell their running or closed, profitable or loss making, slow or sick business may fillup the "Form for Sale of Business" and send it online to Forum P. Ltd. Those who want to buy any kind business may fillup "Form for Buying Business" and send it to Forum P. Ltd.  read more

Our Mission and Vision
This Forum is dedicated to find the right buyer to buy any business which is in existence or find the right business for a buyer/ entrepreneur who wants to save his / her time in establishing a business by way of buying the same. By way of this we would like to support and contribute to the business entrepreneurs. Employees and the unions, banks and financers, government and the authorities and also the public at large.

Business Categories

:: Manufacturing ::
Garments Carpets Cements Medicines Foods & Beverage Furnitures
Steels & Irons Paints Kitchen Items Household Items Machines & Equipments Handicrafts
Plastics Stationaries
:: Services ::
Education – Colleges Education – Schools Education – Consultancies Education - Computer Institutes Couriers
Travels & Treks Hotels & Resorts Transports Airlines Cargos
Hospitals Media Restaurants Information Technologies BPOs
Laboratories Telecoms Constructions Training Centers Workshops
Security Companies Manpower Companies Housing & Apartments Land Developments Agencies
Investment Companies
:: Trading ::
Whole sellers Retailers Departmental Stores Distributers Recondition Houses
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